Kind Words

“Boven Design did such a great job with our recent,
challenging book project. I’m thankful for Andrea’s creativity,
patience and good humor throughout the whole job.
I can’t wait to work with Boven Design again!”
—Michelle Roehm-McCann, Editorial Director
“Andrea Nelson was an extremely careful and passionate
photographer. She really helped me find the kind of photo I wanted,
and really showed my personality in my final photos. She was
fun and comfortable to work with. When my senior photo
went into the yearbook, I loved it!”
—Katherine Naulty
“Boven Design Studio has consistently and creatively solved the
design needs of my marketing and promotional programs.
Reliability and attention to detail along with a fresh and expressive design
attitude make partnering with Boven Design a win/win for our company.”
—Suzanne MacDonald, Director of Marketing

“When we need family or individual portraits, we call Andrea. 
She is so easy to work with! She is calm and professional 
and is able to get all four of our squirmy little boys to look 
at the camera with smiles! I can tell she enjoys 
what she’s doing and it makes our photo session a joy instead of a trial.”
—Britt Bentson
“If I didn’t know better, I’d guess Boven Design has a multitude of specialists,
ranging from multi-media packaging pros to cost-conscious newsletter
designers and blockbuster direct marketing wizards. In truth,
Andrea (Boven) Nelson is all of the above for us. She listens well,
respects deadlines and continually surprises us
with her breadth and creativity. We love working with her!”
—Lee McFadden, Publisher
“Andrea made Jordan feel very comfortable. She positioned her
in different locations and said she should stand how
she felt most comfortable. As a result, Jordan looks
natural and not posed. We really like the portraits!”
—Michelle Edens