About Andrea

My creative journey started early. As far back as I can remember, I have loved creating things. As soon as I could wield a crayon, I made one picture after another for my mom. By high school I was earning some spending money addressing wedding invitations in calligraphy and photographing special town and school events for the local newspaper.

In 1986, I entered college with an already developing eye for photography—the old school variety with film canisters, dark rooms, red lights, and smelly chemicals—and left college having discovered and developed my abilities as a graphic designer.

In 1990, when I started a job as a junior designer at a Chicago marketing firm, we were still pasting up keylines and using stat cameras and ruling pens. By the time I left, I had worked on marketing, identity, and packaging projects while learning the new art of computer design and production.

In 1994, I joined a publishing company and learned all about designing books. I had no idea what a specialized area of design it was with its own terminology–gutters, hinges, stitching, casesides etc. But there was a constant: solving visual problems creatively and making something from nothing. Holding that finished book at the end of the long process of book publishing was such a thrill. It never got old! It still hasn’t.

In 1998, Boven Design Studio was born. Having my own company gave me the freedom to collaborate with many different creative companies and people on book, marketing, packaging and identity design projects.

In 2004, my daughter was born. I bought my first dSLR camera and an old love for photography was rekindled. I got lots of practice photographing my daughter and then my son and then more and more children, seniors and families I knew.

My creative journey continues. I love it. I hope you do too. I hope you consider Boven Design Studio for your next creative project whether it be a book, promotional flyer, identity or special portrait for a special occasion. I will work diligently to make something that works for you. I have loved creating things for as long as I remember. And I still do.

{Andrea Nelson is the founder of Boven Design Studio, Inc.}